When is the best time to schedule my newborn photo session?
The best time to schedule your session is before your little one is born. This way you can guarantee that your newborn photo shoot will occur within 2 weeks of birth, the very best time to get the sweetest photographs! Let’s make sure that we have your session on the calendar before the birth so that you don’t have to think about it once the baby is born.

How do I book without knowing my exact delivery date?
Your due date will be our reference date to book your session that would be within the first 2 weeks after. Once your baby is born, all you have to do is send me a message and we’ll readjust if needed.

Can we incorporate a picture of mom and dad with the baby?
Absolutely! The newborn session is focused on the baby, but we can surely take 1 or 2 shots with mom and dad.

When and how will I receive my images?
You will receive your images 4 to 7 days after your session.
I’ll share them on a dedicated online gallery or on a CD.

Where do the studio sessions take place?
Your session will take place in my private and cozy baby photography studio in Beirut.
Just bring yourself and your little bundle of joy as the studio is fully stocked with all the necessary props, and of course, sanitized and clean.

Who supplies all the cute outfits/headbands for the baby?
I do! In my studio you will find a large supply of hats, headbands, and wraps that we can play with.

What should we wear for the family pictures?
I want you to feel comfortable so I suggest wearing clothes that you can move freely in. I also recommend soft toned, solid colors, avoiding loud prints and patterns so that we can keep the focus on the baby. If you would like a more traditional look, a black t-shirt is a nice choice but I have found that many of my clients like a more modern, light and airy look with soft and muted colors.

Do you take care of all the decoration on 1st birthday shoots?
Yes I do! I prepare sets, and I can even try to customize some if you wish.

Do you photoshoot all ages?
I photoshoot babies from 0-20 days for the sleeping poses. Then babies from 2.5 months to 4 months (inclusive) for the awaken poses. I don’t photograph babies from 5-6 months because they are too young to sit unsupported and too big to stay laying down like newborns. Then I photograph toddler 7 months+ and kids of all ages.

Do you provide outfits for maternity shoots?
Yes I do have some dresses option for Maternity.

What are the sanitary precaution taken concerning Covid-19?
All sanitary precautions and measures are taken. I wash my hands regularly, I sanitize everything, I wash the wraps and outfits and I wear a face mask all the time.
Please check the “sanitize” video.