About Me

Hello, I am Janis, I am a mother to three gorgeous children, and they are my constant source of everything; inspiration, unconditional love, commitment, childhood, support, sleep deprivation and most importantly, my constant need to improve.

What started by chance (I specialized into newborn photography when I had my 1st baby), what was meant to be, turned into a journey that has changed my life forever; my calling in this lifetime.

My goal is to preserve those memories; to remind babies of how much they are adored and loved, and to re-live the joy of childhood in the upcoming years.

Photography was a big part of my life when I was younger and as I continued to grow, it was one of those things that stuck with me and just never left.

I strive to create emotional images that tell stories of individual connections, warmth and love. Images that pull the viewer into that very space of time.

My aim is to provide you with authentic, beautiful & timeless images to cherish that will become your treasured family heirlooms.


With a Masters Degree in Photography from IED-Milano, I Launched my fully-equipped photography studio in 2007 and have been specializing in Newborn, babies and kids photography.

BS in Graphic Design/ LAU Lebanon with a minor in photography.

I lived in Milano Italy for 3 years, did a Masters in packaging / IED Milan and Masters in Photography/ IED Milan.